From Charleston – Better Days

Friday, a kind colleague wrote that he wished us here in Charleston “better days soon.”

I wrote back, “Better days are here, already.”

This city, hurt as it is, has been amazing.
The effort and affinity, the love and support, the money and time have come forward in remarkable abundance.


At the prayer vigil Thursday, at Morris Browne AME, one speaker powerfully said: “He Picked The Wrong Town.”
I believe that to be true.

Charleston is fortunate to be a place where many WANT to be.
There is a positive and long-standing belief in this place and what it has been and can be.

It is my deep hope, and something I plan to work for, that this town will use this tragedy, to transform not only itself, but this Nation on these issues.

Charleston has “started” many things…not all of them good.
This time….it will be good…it already is.We will act.

In both honorable memory, and with hope, WE will deal with the intertwined issues that lead to this.

Undoing that knot will take time.
Time Nine others no longer have.
Time that I and many more here and elsewhere will gladly give.

Thank you for your support. Your thoughts. Your prayers. Your high hopes.
Don’t stop. Please. Don’t Stop.

The work has only just begun…

Morris Brown AME Prayer Vigil

Mother Emanual