John W. Zinsser supports individuals, teams and organizations to assess, create, and utilize their capacity to communicate. Described by colleagues and clients alike as passionate, Zinsser is driven to address the elemental challenge of helping others overcome the impediments created by culture, conflict or organizational construct.

He has facilitated group events, trained teams, mediated pairs and triads, and coached senior executives with the same commitment— a quality outcome forged from clarity of purpose, careful preparation and authentic human interaction.

His international perspective built from years working outside the U.S. supports Pacifica Human Communications, LLC’s efforts for clients from Japan to Romania and when he presents, whether it is in Zurich or Portland.

With a particular expertise and focus on organizational ombuds programs, Zinsser continuously raises his voice for the capacity and value of properly aligned, embedded and integrated ombuds programs, such as in this interview on Columbia’s radio program.

Zinsser designed and teaches both ombuds courses offered at Columbia University’s Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

He holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from Antioch University and is a graduate of Kenyon College, where he majored in Sociology. Zinsser brings his supportive, positive communications to various volunteer activities and board roles including with the: ABA Ombuds Committee, Jazz Artists of Charleston, and The Coastal Community Foundation.

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