Three Points Forward – The Way Ahead…

While just two points can define a line, defining a locale requires three points. i.e. your location on a map. Three points also suggest a direction, or the way ahead.

We all need to locate ourselves and find a way forward at times like when we experience disagreements, challenges, or conflicts. It happens all the time and it can be unsettling.

I know. It has happened to me, very recently. Even with an advanced degree in conflict management and 25 years of focused professional experience and observation in the arena. Still at times, this powerful, reoccurring force impacts me. But now, I work with this force to find the benefits in any situation.

In my work, I repeatedly observe well intentioned individuals, teams and organizations lose their way due to conflict, which  in early stages usually takes the form of disagreement.

That is the reason for this 3 Points Forward blog: To provide practical and actionable ideas in an easily accessible form for those who want to do better with disagreement and conflicts, whether their own or helping others.

My plan for this blog is to author, find + share and stimulate the best thinking and questions. I want to provoke readers to new thoughts, feelings and actions.

On 4.15.15 at TEDxCharleston I will do this in my talk, Navigating From Storm to Agreement. Check back next week to learn three pragmatic steps (the 3 points forward) to navigate torward the benefits available in any issue or conflict. (The talk will be posted here and on TEDxCharleston in late May.)

You and your contributions will be a key element of this blog. Your stories of successes secured using the original three points, or other methods, will provide examples. The challenges still present will create learning moments for us all. And your questions and comments, will add focus and impetus keeping us all involved in the dialogue. I look forward to hearing from you.

The world is filled with complex problems to address. My strong belief is that we have to start with ourselves and work inside out. If you and I get better at the day-to-day challenges we will make a positive difference, for ourselves and for those with whom we interact. We will forge more engaging, sustainable, creative and enjoyable relationships. Working from the inside out, lets together discover how to skillfully and artfully manage the issues we have at home, at school, at work, and in our communities.

That’s how we will change the world.

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